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Software Engineering

Fundamental and technical analysis of business problems and their resolving with software solution:

  • Analyzing the business problem in cooperation with client
  • Designing practical solution for the customer to achieve all business constraints
  • Selection and composition of software components and algorithms (existing or custom made) so technical constraints are satisfied

Software Development

Building software solution based on modern technologies:

  • Designing data structure on appropriate database management system
  • Implementation on adequate software development platform(s)
  • Solution focusing on easier future software extensibility and maintainability
  • Assuring software stability and usability with automated tests and latest stable platforms

Software Extensions

Extending of standalone software solutions with customer specific functionality for each business case:

  • WordPress plugins
  • Microsoft Office Tools macros
  • Documents, presentations, spreadsheets generation, automated or manually triggered reporting and additional control / functionality over systems (where applicable)


Enterprise web applications and services

Middle sized business applications and services with high focus on data integrity, security, process analysis to improve execution of existing business processes.

Realtime Web & Desktop (Linux and Windows bASED) applications

Quick software solutions where time constraints exist. Realtime applications are built with high focus on performance. Solution controls an environment by receiving data, processing them, and returning the results sufficiently quickly to affect the environment at that time. This also includs data acquisition and reporting, process parameter analysis and process control.

Software development skills

  • C#
  • Java
  • PHP
  • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSql, MSSQL)
  • NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • Javascript