Choose the service that best fits Your business.

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Get advice on software development option to utilize as the solution for the Business problem you are facing.

Custom Software

Design, planning, development, delivery, and maintenance of custom-made software solution that precisely solves Your business problem.

Software Extensions

Extend or adapt existing solution with features specific for your Business.

Writting Specification

Complete software specification written according to your business requirements.

Fixed Price Contract

Final Price

Price for complete solution is defined upfront and is final for given scope.


Larger projects are broken down to Milestones, allowing for scope pivot between them.

Six Months Guarantee

Bug fixing is free in the period of 6 months after delivery.


Document that clearly defines complete project scope, assuring that expectations are aligned.

Hourly Contract

Hourly Price

Services are paid monthly per invested hour.

Flexible Direction

Project direction change is possible during the contract.

Progress Tracking

Continuous progress presentations and descriptive time sheets.

Collaborative Approach

Ensures a shared understanding of goals and priorities between all stakeholders.