Team Members

Azra Kunić

Full-Stack Software Developer

Three words that describe me are: ambitious, dedicated, and responsible. I am always open to challenges and oriented toward improving my knowledge, skills, and experience.


After graduation from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tuzla, attending the graduate program: "Finances, Banking, and Insurance operations", I was working in the Economy domain field and resolving business challenges, that included a relatively wide range of business problems and requirements, for three years.

During my work, I was coping with a wide range of different business problems that could be resolved with customized software solutions. This gave me the motivation to learn how to develop software solutions. I found a way to achieve my goals by joining the Gradient company.

Throughout the last two and a half years I took opportunities to work and learn different software development techniques and participated in the development of software solutions for clients that experienced a relatively wide range of business problems.

Skilled in technologies:

  • Programming Languages (Typescript, Javascript, PHP)
  • Web GUI (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap)
  • SQL Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • NoSQL Databases (MongoDB)
  • Node.js Http Servers (Express.js, Nest.js)
  • Node.js Realtime communication Services (Nest.js, WebSocket)
  • PHP Http Servers (Laravel)
  • Single Page Applications (Angular)
  • External services integration (Sendgrid, Twillio, Facebook, Twitter)