Software Development Partnership

Software Development Partnership

Projects Partnering

We are providing software development services in the form of projects partnership. This means that we can cooperate with you on your new projects, as much as on projects that are already in the development phase.

Realization of this form of cooperation we are achieving by applying one of two strategies:

  • Taking responsibility for developing one or more independent project modules,
  • Integration with your software development team.

Strategy is picked based on the current project development state and business goals that need to be achieved.





Completed Contracts

Our Experience

During our careers, we have worked on software solutions of different scales and business purposes. The aforementioned software solutions are technically designed and developed using the following technologies:

  • Programming Languages (Typescript, Javascript, PHP, Java, Ruby),
  • Web GUI (HTML, CSS, Sass, Less, Bootstrap, Material UI),
  • SQL Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, MSSQL),
  • NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, Redis),
  • Node.js HTTP Servers (Express.js, Nest.js),
  • Node.js Realtime communication Services (Nest.js, WebSocket,,
  • PHP HTTP Servers (Laravel, Yii, Codeigniter, WordPress),
  • Java HTTP Servers (Java EE, Eclipse Vert.x),
  • Ruby HTTP Servers (Sinatra, Ruby on Rails),
  • Single Page Applications (Angular, React, Dojo, Ember),
  • Automation Industry utilities (C#, OPC Server/Client, OPC UA, S7Net).