Software Architecture Design and Consulting

Software Architecture Design and Consulting

Solution / Technical Architect services

Based on our experience, where we have used different technologies and applied them to different business problems, we are providing Solution / Technical Architect services. These services are applicable for projects in different phases, whether it is in the kick-off phase or it is already in the development process.

This service includes designing solutions from scratch and redesigning existing solutions to achieve development efficiency, fair development price/quality ratio, and exponential value growth calculated from the invested development time perspective.





Completed Contracts


Our Architecture design and consulting services provide added value by explicitly applying necessary techniques to achieve more efficient and stable project development over time. To achieve this goal, we provide:

  • Top-level technical picture of whole system,
  • Detailed documentation of every system module purpose,
  • Technical documentation for every module,
  • Definition of custom development practices and standards to be used for a concrete project.

Development process

We perform Solution / Technical Architect services in the following iterations:

  1. Analyzing the business problem in cooperation with you and your software development team,
  2. Analyzing the solution implementation state at the current moment (if the project is in progress),
  3. Defining Pricing Model
  4. Providing overall solution top-level architecture with appropriate documentation,
  5. Providing technical architecture for individual modules defined in previous steps,
  6. Consulting your development team during the development of solution by defined architecture,
  7. Supporting development process during the implementation,
  8. Performing iterative validation of implementation matching the architecture,
  9. Performing iterative validation of architecture eligibility in the case of requirement changes during development.