Business Solution Development

Business Solution Development

Custom Software and Software Integrations Development

We are providing the service of developing Business Solutions by applying Custom Software development techniques. The solution is designed to achieve your business process optimization goals.
Every Business solution we build is developed to have the following characteristics:

  1. to successfully resolve tackled business problem,
  2. to be integrated with necessary external services,
  3. to satisfy agreed quality requirements,
  4. to be delivered with proper technical documentation,
  5. to have performed manual and implemented automated functionality tests





Completed Contracts

Development approach

We perform Custom Software and Software Integrations development for you in the following iterations:

  1. Analyzing the business problem in cooperation with you
  2. Defining requirement
  3. Defining pricing model
  4. Dividing requirement into milestones
  5. Testing during milestone development – automated and manual
  6. Updating technical documentation
  7. Presentation and sync-up with you on every milestone delivery

Our Experience

During our career, we have developed business solutions of different scales for different industries. That does include isolated software solutions for concrete business process optimization goals, but also performing integration with a software infrastructure that is already in place. Some examples are:

  • Automated invoices generation for provided SaaS and uploading them to WHMCS service,
  • Generating .xlsx, .docx and .pdf documents and reports based on relevant business data,
  • Relevant business data extraction from PDF and Image sources,
  • Automated processing of data about made eBay sales / purchases,
  • Customized GUI file manager utilizing FTP server as a data source,
  • Data visualization charts of industrial process data utilizing HTTP server as a data source,
  • Process visualization utilizing OPC server as data source,
  • Notifications functionality for scheduled email, SMS, In-App and Desktop Push notifications,
  • Data acquisition from Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC on 20ms sample rate