Pricing Models

Pricing Models

Gradient team is comfortable working under two generally defined pricing models, depending on the service requirement clarity and clients' preferences. These two are: Fixed Price and Hourly models.

Fixed Price

Fixed price model includes following characteristics:

  • Gradient Team creates SOW (Statement of Work) for discussed services,
  • SOW contains final (fixed) price and delivery date,
  • For more complex solutions, the requirement is split into milestones (every with its price and delivery date),
  • Fixed price services have a 6-month guarantee starting with the delivery date of the last milestone.

In this model, Gradient team guarantees:

  • final price,
  • project delivery at the date as offered in SOW,
  • project quality by providing a 6-month guarantee (all bugs found in 6 months are resolved without additional charge).


Hourly model includes the following characteristics:

  • Price is defined per every invested hour of every Gradient Team member.
  • Gradient Team plans development actions with a client as per needed services during the time.
  • Client can change, redefine, cancel or change the priority of different features/services at any moment during development.