Gradient is a new company that provides high quality software development services to its clients. The company was founded in November 2017 as a Sole Proprietorship, owned and operated by Emir Aličić (emir@gradient.ba).

The company is located in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Gradient is an IT company in development which aims to satisfy the needs of its clients and to improve business processes in the ICT sector.

The vision is to become a respected IT company and a synonym for a company which constantly sets higher standards of quality in business.


Gradient Software Development Company is software solutions oriented company. When we plan and schedule solution, we are thinking, planning and developing most appropriate software solution to extend your business process.

We work by process of four iterative general steps:
1) Informing from you and other sources about business process (its traditional approach) which we need to improve leveraging advantages which software in general brings in.
2) Suggestion of technical platforms which are, in our professional opinion, best approach for your business process improvement.
3) Solution development, by your requirements and assessment that business process indeed is improved.
4) Project support in the matter of software solution improvements and adaptations, related to business process changes.

Our mission is building and improving solutions for your potential business problems, improving business processes by leveraging software advantages and supporting and following that business during its lifetime.